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What are customers saying about the CervFix™?

"CervFix has become my go-to for instant relief after a long day. It's like a spa day for my neck!"
- Efren Michaels, Miami, Florida

"I've tried other devices, but CervFix is in a league of its own. The relief is unmatched, and the design is genius."
- Teresa Smith, Los Angeles, California


🌟 Elevate Your Days with CervFix - Experience Instant Relief for Your Weary Neck! 🌟

Say goodbye to the burden of neck tension and welcome a life of tranquility with CervFix! Our multi-functional neck pain device is your passport to immediate relief and relaxation. No more enduring the weight of daily stress – CervFix is here to make every moment lighter.

  • Precision Relief: CervFix targets and alleviates specific areas of neck tension, offering a tailored and instant sense of relief and calm.
  • 🏋️‍♀️ Versatile Design: Crafted for your dynamic life, CervFix seamlessly fits into your routine, whether you're at home, at the office, or on the move.
  • 💼 Portable & Effortless: No complicated setups or confusing instructions. CervFix is user-friendly, ensuring relief without the hassle.
  • 🌈 Suitable for All Ages: Professionals, parents, wellness enthusiasts - CervFix is designed for everyone seeking the blissful escape from neck tension.


Many people suffer from neck pain for different reasons. Some have Injuries whether it is from an accident or heavy lifting some have bad sleeping posture or strenuous jobs while others have been used to use modern technology which just is not designed today for human comfort.

The repetitive use of computers, tablets, and smartphones cause your head to lean forward which increases the pressure and it becomes up to five times heavier causing headache, neck pain, poor posture, fatigue, poor blood circulation to the brain, and much more.

Cervical Traction is an effective therapy for neck pain and tension relief and a number of other medical conditions affecting the neck and spine.

Regular visits to a physical therapist for manual cervical traction are often too expensive for most people and many are fed up with using medication and all the side effects.

WHAT IS CervFix™

CervFix™ is the world's first state-of-the-art multifunctional cervical care system, designed to provide safe and effective traction (stretching) to the cervical (neck) region and treat different types and causes of neck pain, tension, and tightness.

The device helps to relax the muscles, which can significantly reliever pain and stiffness while increasing flexibility.

Completely SAFE, NON-INVASIVE with ZERO medications!

CervFix™ helps to treat or prevent neck injuries, pinched nerves, cervical spondylosis, and retain a proper posture making you feel fresh and invigorated.

The device lifts all the pressure, hydrates the discs in your neck, and generally improves your posture and overall comfortability of your neck muscles.

We have brought this intelligent Innovative device, designed with your utmost comfort and rehabilitation in mind to effectively stretch and re-align the neck and spine.

With medically proven therapy and patented technology, CervFix™ relieves soreness, and fatigue relaxes neck muscles, and helps to treat degenerated, bulging, and herniated cervical discs.

CervFix™ utilizes a combined Fixed Point Traction and Intelligent Air Pressure Traction system to restore the 26-degree optimal vertebral arch.


  • Relieves Painful Neck and Upper Back Stiffness, Headaches, and Fatigue
  • Restores the Natural Curve of the Neck
  • Decompresses and Hydrates Discs in Neck and Upper Back Regions
  • Reduces and Corrects Forward Head and Neck Posture
  • Manage Joint, Sprain, and Spasm Pain
  • Treats Bulging or Herniated Cervical Discs
  • Relief from Pinched Nerves
  • Improves Flexibility and Ranges of Motion
  • Helps to Treat Whiplash Injury
  • Loosens Up Your Muscles and Stretches Your Neck
  • Helps avoid dangerous surgeries and reduces the frequency of visits to the doctor
  • Saves Time & Money


CervFix™ easily molds to the shape of the neck and gently stretches the neck, hydrates discs, increases blood circulation, and is designed to restore the natural curve of the neck.

CervFix™ works with four functions;

  1. True Dynamic Neck Traction

  2. Electric Pulse Therapy

  3. Adjustable Heat Therapy

  4. Auto Modulating Technology

True Dynamic Traction creates expansion between the head and the neck, separating the vertebrae to relieve pressure between discs or off of the compressed nerve, stretching the surrounding joints and muscles, and improving blood circulation.

Hypertrax™ Multi-Functional Cervical Traction Device

The Intelligent Constant Temperature function accelerates blood flow through the spine to the brain.

The electrical impulses and the heat generated by CervFix™ into your neck directly hit the pain points stimulates the muscles, allowing them to soften and go back to their original form.

CervFix™ has been carefully engineered to provide maximum comfort, efficiency, and ease of use and truly makes it possible for anyone to have a professional physiotherapy device at home.

By gently stretching and decompressing the spinal cord, it helps to increase blood circulation to the structures of the cervical spine, oxygenate the surrounding muscles, relieve pain while promoting relaxation.

CervFix™ helps users keep the proper physiological posture by creating a comfortable platform for the cervical spine.

The unit's ergonomic design and the 26-degree elevation arch thrust contour the curvature of your neck seamlessly.



Unlike many advertised static traction pillows or a low-quality neck traction device that claims miraculously solves all your life troubles in an instant with no proper, accurate movement, our device's Bidirectional Motion Technology creates true dynamic traction.

It leaves the cervical spine free to stretch, opens the 7-section cervical vertebrae evenly between the motion, and restores the cervical vertebrae's vitality.



Patented, Intelligent dual rise and release traction is the most effective and satisfying tension relief we can now have in the comfort of our home.

The device creates expansion between the head and the neck, separating the vertebrae to relieve pressure, reducing the pressure between discs or off of a compressed nerve, as well as by stretching the surrounding joint structures and muscles, supplying oxygen to the brain by improving blood circulation to the spine.

With its Bidirectional Curve Traction, it pulls apart vertebral space evenly and treats different causes of neck pain, tension, and tightness helping to relax the muscles, which can significantly relieve pain and stiffness while increasing flexibility.

Hypertrax™ Multi-Functional Cervical Traction Device

Simultaneously Gives Two Different Degrees of Elevation. Optimal Pull and Rise Pressure Release

CervFix™ features 3 rhythmic automatic modes to adjust and correct neck bone up to 4 inches / 10cm;

  1. Comfortable Relaxation Mode

  2. Enhanced Push-Pull Mode

  3. Intelligent Motion Mode

With the help of a controller, each mode combination can be adjusted according to the user's own feelings and preferences.

These improvements may lead to enhanced mobility, range of motion, alignment, and allow you to go about your daily activities with greater ease and comfort.


CervFix™ provides 3 adjustable temperature settings to comfort the individual preference and apply soothing heat therapy to aching neck muscles.

Uniquely designed to target the muscles in the back of the head and neck, it contours to the shape of your neck to provide targeted relief.

This heating therapy delivers gentle heat to tender muscles, increasing blood flow, and allowing muscles to relax.

Combine Traction along with Heating to help treat Pinches, Stiffness, Tension, Strains, Increasing blood flow, Relaxing spasms, and Soothing muscles.

When the temperature reaches about 50°, the device locks automatically to avoid applying excessive heat.


The built-in pulse generator sends electrical impulses to the spinal cord, stimulates and regulates the nervous system helping to ease tiredness, promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, improve sleeping quality and activate collaterals to relieve your body pain.

The device utilizes Bionic TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) which penetrates 1.2-2 inches / 3-5 cm deep into the skin and directly hits the pain point.

The device quickly opens up the human body meridians through the frequency conversion impact.

The 12-speed low-frequency intensity and 3 combinations of Beat, Acupuncture, Beat, and Acupuncture Combination, can be adjusted according to the user's own requirements and preferences.

Hypertrax™ Multi-Functional Cervical Traction Device


CervFix™ comes with external electrode pads that can be applied to different parts of the body, such as legs, back, feet, joints, arms, and etc.


Say goodbye to doling out Lots of Money for a masseur’s office trip. No more begging your partner for a massage. CervFix™ has got you covered.


The air pump is located inside the controller, away from the user, reducing noise and creating a more comfortable environment to ensure the user can enjoy the pleasure of massage quietly.

When in use, some users may even easily fall asleep in a comfortable environment!

To ensure the user's safety, the device is set up to auto power-off after 15 minutes.

Hypertrax™ Multi-Functional Cervical Traction Device


Combine all 3 functions at once or adjust the heat and traction individually with the help of an intelligent handheld controller.

Each function and frequency combination can be adjusted according to the user's own feelings and preferences.

Hypertrax™ Multi-Functional Cervical Traction Device


CervFix™ comes with 3 major safety features:

  • Airbag overshoot protection: Automatically stops inflating when the airbag is over-inflated.
  • Auto-reset: Automatically turns off if stays idle for 15 minutes.
  • High-Temperature Protection: The device automatically locks when the temperature reaches 40-50 degrees and stops overheating.


  • 1 x CervFix™ Cervical Care System
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Controller
  • 2 x External Electric Pulse Pads
  • 1 x External Electric Pulse Pads
  • 1 x Users Manual


  • Impulse Frequency: 1-1000MS
  • Pulse width: 125-500MS
  • Impulse waveform: Square Wave
  • Temperature range: 40-50°C
  • POWER: ≤12W
  • VOLTAGE: 12V
  • Electric Current: ≤1A

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